MBI Industrial Medicine, Inc.

Center Medical Director; M.D., D.O

Goodyear, AZ

Job description

Founded in 1982, MBI Industrial Medicine, Inc. is an Arizona based company operating five full service facilities staffed with medical professionals who provide the full spectrum of Occupational Injury Care and Occupational Medicine for employers and their employees and is currently looking for Medical Providers; M.D. and D.O. to join their team!

Medical Providers ; M.D. and D.O. Job Summary:

  • Review Past Medical History, family history social history and review of symptoms and perform physical examinations of the eyes, ears, head, neck, chest, heart, abdomen, back, extremities, male genitals (for hernias), neurologic systems, general condition, height, weight vital signs, vision, hearing, and/or electrocardiograms for the purpose of determining capacity to safely perform specified job functions.
  • Review and interpret radiographs of the chest, back, and/or extremities to determine the presence of a pre-existing condition prior to beginning work.
  • Evaluate and manage the following conditions:
    • Common occupational musculoskeletal injuries of the neck, back, and upper and lower extremities
    • Work-related injuries to the head with or without loss of consciousness, assuming the individual is currently conscious and alert
    • Work-related injuries to the chest or abdomen, with the possibility of hernias
    • Work-related lacerations of the face and extremities which do not impair function or sensation
    • Work-related foreign bodies to the eye, and other non-penetrating eye injuries or conditions of the eye that do not affect vision
    • Work-related rashes and other occupational skin conditions
    • Occupational asthma and other work-related respiratory symptoms
  • Evaluation and management to include:
    • Review of the chief complaint, mechanism or description of injury, associated symptoms, effect on activities of daily living (including work) past medical, social, family history (including functions of usual job), and appropriate physical examination
    • Appropriately diagnosing the problem
    • Recommendation of appropriate over-the-counter medications, application of heat or cold, referral for home exercise training
    • Prescription of appropriate medications and therapy
    • Ordering and interpretation of appropriate radiographs
    • Recommendation and application of ace bandages, braces, splints and casts as appropriate
    • Treatment of non-displaced uncomplicated fractures
    • Referral for specialized testing such as MRI, EMG as necessary and appropriate
    • Referral for specialty care as appropriate
    • Identification of appropriate limitations to activity at home and work
    • Rendering an opinion regarding causality and work relatedness.
    • Must be FMCSA - certified


MBI - Goodyear - 14425 W. McDowell Rd. , Goodyear, AZ 85395